The first Body Interfaces interventions from October 16 to 27 were all a continuation of the performance at the opening, where the space and the spatial qualities of Spanien 19C were researched and registered through various actions.

The Spanien 19C floor structure reminds me of stone structures that I have seen in nature, in Iceland and I therefore found it interesting to re-contextualize these through two different actions:

1) The structure of the floor was thoroughly registered via imprints done by pressing parts of the body, mainly arm, here elbow, against a big rolled out piece of paper. The action resulted in a restructured paper and an elbow where the skin was peeled off. The parameters and threshold of this process was afterwards scripted on one of the big rolls of paper in the installation.

2) The re-contextualization was further highlighted through the placement of a enlarged photo of volcanic rock structures placed on the floor of Spanien 19C as an installed element.

The characteristic red brick walls of Spanien 19C was additionally investigated and registered by small actions through movement. These was carefully sensing the structures. As with the floor intervention, these were also scripted on the big rolled out piece of paper hanging on the wall in the installation.