The video documentation of the Body Interfaces experiment: stone/sound – floor/movement from Body Interfaces: A Processual Scripting and performed at Grüntaler9 in April 2016, was exhibited at the Fata Morgana Galerie in Berlin (DE) as a part of the Extant exhibition.

Fata Morgana Galerie
Torstrasse 170
Berlin, DE 10115
Opening September 15th
18:00 – 21:30
From September 15th – September 29th (Open from Wed – Sun by appointment)

adjective ex·tant \ˈek-stənt; ek-ˈstant, ˈek-ˌ\
in existence : still existing : not destroyed or lost

Curated by Keegan Luttrell

Michelangelo Contini
Ida Koitila
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen
Olga Tzikouli
Nuno Vicente

How do we reflect our existence through interventions with objects, materials and instances in order to pose questions about our own humanity? Extant looks at artists who are using their practice to understand not only our existence as a human race, but also how objects contain themselves through creating a sense of awareness and contradiction. Extant pushes beyond the threshold of what it is to know and embody, resulting in a contemplation of how we can contain what remains.

Spanning several mediums and forms, the artists of Extant bring matter out in the open by re-contextualizing the inherent nature and properties of the objects in play. The struggle between the overt and the covert is continuously taking place, procuring new methods of determining the validity of our existence.